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A bridge to the Future


Language and cultural barriers stand in the way of expanding to overseas markets. Economic barriers stand in the way of expanding in the domestic market. We created Asulight to remove those walls and bridge our clients into a brighter future. The mission of Asulight is to support business management by giving out grants and subsidizing companies.

We think that many recognize the terms, grants and subsidies due to the COVID. However, only 20% of the companies are utilizing their funds efficiently. The reason for why includes not understanding which subsidies they qualify for and the misconception of time consumption of the application process.

On the other hand, 90% of those who properly utilized the funds are highly satisfied and want to apply again. We started the grant/subsidy matching service because we wanted business owners to make the most of this system. We provide a simple and free screening service. Please make use of this simple screening service to verify the amount of grant/subsidy your company qualifies for.

CEO Jyu Morita

We offer support only Asulight can offer through 3 different pillars of technology.

As a company that supports business expansion through grants and subsidies,
we support overseas funding and inbound measures associated with employment/education employment/human resource development.
We propose cost reduction by utilizing grants and subsidies.

Business Management Support

We utilize grants and subsidies to support reduce costs for online content production, Internet advertising, design production, and material creation.

Employment and Human Resource Development Support

We support the development by offering employment/human resource development and subsidized seminars. The training seminars include a wide variety of training: communication skills, English skills, Internet advertising management, YouTube management, etc.

Global Business Support

For global business support, we provide multilingual translation, interpretation, employment of foreigners, and inbound support to expansion into overseas markets through grants and subsidies.

Our Mission

The world, the future, and Asulight.
We have a mission to connect your future with the world.

From a management point of view, we will make proposals that remove the unnecessary and are cost-effective.

We listen to and place the utmost importance on the needs of our clients. We clarify the target and create a marketing technique for you.

As your business partner, we will provide services based on our relationship of trust.

By localizing and translating, we support your company enter the overseas market and strengthen value.

Company Profile

Company Asulight co.ltd
Main Office 6-41-806 Aramotoshinmachi Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0022
Phone/Fax 06-7177-9011
Nagata Branch 1-4-35-703 Nagatanaka Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0013
Phone/Fax 06-7709-3284
E-Mail info@asulight0911.com
Representative Jun Morita
Settlement 9/11/2019
Business Multilingual translation service
Grant/subsidy matching service
IT tool matching
Online content production
Business YouTube management representation (video editing/translation)
Advertising management representation
Various design production
Document creation representation
Major trading partners Company write up (some listed companies)
Partner IGNITE Co., Ltd. (Production/Development)
Main Office

6-41-806 Aramotoshinmachi Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0022

Nagata Branch

1-4-35-703 Nagatanaka Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0013

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